Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are created and stored on your computer by your browser, as a result of visiting certain web pages. At Beds4Less we use certain cookies, to keep track of which items you have added to your basket and to remember choices that you have made, such as when using filter options to narrow down our product range as you browse. Certain cookies are used to identify you as a returning customer, the next time you visit the website.

To complete an order on Beds4Less you need to have cookies enabled in your internet browser settings as some of these cookies are required by the website functions involved. You are able to change your cookie preferences within your internet browser. Please refer to any information detailed by your browser provider, in terms of how to change your cookie preferences.


Are Cookies Dangerous?

The use of cookies is not harmful to your computer and they are part of the standard practice required for websites to function properly. You cannot be personally identified by any cookies created by our website, and we don't store any sensitive information such as card details within them. The date is encryted and is used mainly for analytical purposes, to help us improve the website functionality and to provide feedback on the range of products featured on the website.

If you would like to learn more about cookies and how they work, please click on the following link:


What about third party Cookies?

When using our website, some cookies are generated which aren't directly related to Beds4Less, we use a certain number of third party services who generate their own cookies based on how you interact with our website.

For example, we use Google Analytics to track how customers interact with our website, which helps us to tweak the website design and make it more accessible for customers. Any pages which feature YouTube videos also generate cookies, so that YouTube can count the number of times that the video has been played.


Cookies used by this website

These are some of the cookies used when you visit Beds4Less:

  • lang - Remembers your language choice for the website.
  • _ga - Identifies your current session for statistical purposes. It holds no personal information.
  • _gid - Identifies your current session for statistical purposes. It holds no personal information.
  • _gat - Used by Google Analytics to limit request rate.
  • ads/ga-audiences - Helps Google Analytics establish patterns and customer types.